What is the Metaverse?

What exactly is the metaverse? The word itself comes from Greek mythology, which describes an alternate place or world that can be visited during dreams or through death but also includes ideas like afterlife realms for spirits who have died. In modern times, the term could refer to video games with online multiplayer components as well as social networks. These combine different elements into one immersive experience that may be accessed by anyone with the appropriate hardware and software.

When it comes to virtual reality, there are generally three types of experiences: social, recreational and productive. Social VR involves interacting with other people in a virtual space, usually as though you’re all in the same place. This could be something like going on a trip together or attending a meeting, school or party. Recreational VR is all about having fun and can include games, movies or other activities. Productive VR is focused on getting work done and can include simulations for training purposes or even just using a different interface than what’s available in the real world.

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