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About Us

About the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub

The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub is a non-profit organization that strives to close the digital divide by providing access for those who have been historically disadvantaged or those whom doesn’t have the means to become entrepreneurs or employees.

The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub do this through their programs, which introduce Metaverse Software Development and Virtual Reality technology, Augmented Reality and Start Up Entrepreneurship advice on how best develop business ideas while also giving incubation space where entrepreneurs can grow innovative products or services without fear of ridicule from investors due in part because it’s hard enough being an entrepreneur when you don’t know what your limitations really are.

The digital divide is a reality that many communities world wide continue to face especially in Africa. But also Internationally. We’ve heard from first world countries that they are tired to always donate money and resources to Africa, yet in their own countries their a Social divide and communities that suffer! Our aim at the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub is to offer solutions that will benefit everyone in the world no matter what their circumstances are.

The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub was  founded on the need of redress for this apparent lack, and introduced the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub to entrepreneurs to learn more about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, Animation, Education and world-wide digital economies to become self sustainable and economic viable and independent.

The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub Mission

Our mission is to create a digital Metaverse Education platform and Virtual Reality Innovation Hub.

  • Firstly – To empower people to learn how to create Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Metaverse application for all communities world wide.
  • Secondly – Our mission is to develop Virtual Reality entrepreneurs to develop meaningful applications during our courses or Virtual Reality Innovation Hub Internship programs that will benefit the Education Industry.
  • Thirdly – To create Metaverse (AR and VR) solutions for the Education Industry, and students world wide. To have access to the most advanced VR and AR applications.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!” – Nelson Mandela

Virtual Reality Innovation Hub Objectives

  • Bridge the digital and gender divide through technology, innovation, and business incubation interventions.
  • Unlock the value and opportunities through creating awareness within the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Metaverse industries.
  • Introduce creative industries as a lucrative business opportunity and career.
  • Leverage on existing ecosystems to sustain start-up entrepreneurs.
  • Drive research and development in the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Metaverse sector.

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Main address: 11 Scafell Road 1709 Gauteng, South Africa