Welcome to the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub. The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub is a private initiative to create cutting edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for companies. We have assembled an amazing group of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality developers, artists, 3d modellers, business professionals and programmers. Our aim with the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub is to transfer our knowledge, know how and IP in order to develop people with the highly sought after skills of Coding, Augmented Reality development, Virtual Reality development and Entrepreneurship.

Virtual Reality forms an integral part of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It will become ever more important in the near future. We as a Country will need highly skilled, competent Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Software Developers! – The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub aims to facilitate the development of this critical skills and empower people to become employable or to run their own profitable virtual reality businesses.

The purpose of the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub is to:

  • Prepare South African Individuals for the 4th Industrial Revolution by enabling them to contribute meaningful to the South African Economy and businesses.
  • Through our Incubation Program develop the YOUTH and contribute to the employment of the YOUTH in South Africa.
  • To become a model virtual reality innovation hub, fostering economic development and competitiveness in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industries contributing to employment and skills development.
  • Creating new business opportunities for our incubators.
  • Developing People with critical skills in the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 4th Industrial Revolution space.
  • Enabling synergy between industry, government, academic and research institutions in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality space.
  • Fostering entrepreneurship and incubating innovative individuals and companies.
  • Providing incubators access to cutting-edge virtual reality hardware, software training and skills development.

The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub is a NON PROFIT organization which aims to become self-sustainable by partnering with businesses and the South African Government.

The 4th Industrial Revolution deals with far-reaching flexibility, robotization and automation. Many companies share the vision: “24 hours a day full automated and error-free production, based on customer questions.” But that also raises many questions about the impact on employment. Do you as a company focus on technology or human beings? Due to more flexibility in production, coupled with shorter turnaround times and the desire for error-free production, companies are opposed to the limited information processing capacity of humans.

The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub therefore focuses on the development of technological solutions for improving the interaction between human and machine.


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